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  This is my personal "parenting Bible," especially for the parents of younger children. This is the book that I give to every pregnant friend that I have. Penelope Leach has a loving, intelligent, common-sense approach that I find very refreshing.

This website has great articles and wonderful information about children's issues, especially health. The American Academy of Pediatrics

The La Leche League Discussion Forum Here is a great resource for nursing moms. Hop on to this free forum for great advice -- everything from sleep to nutrition to bras. There's also some discussion topics for parents of older children, too. A fun place to chat!

Okay, this is one of the most beautiful lullaby albums I've ever heard. This music is emotionally moving and physically soothing. It's amazing!  

Being a father is it's own challenge and many, many dads don't get the support they deserve. Here is a great website for dads and dads-to-be to give you the resources you need to succeed.





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