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The Parent Team Workshop

Stop Fighting and Start Working Together to Create the Family of Your Dreams!

In the Parent Team Workshop we will

  • Learn how unconscious parenting patterns are passed down from generation to generation.
  • Uncover and release some of our most destructive patterns
  • Play some team-building games to re-learn how and why we work together.
  • Learn how to work together to create new parenting patterns that work for our specific children
  • Learn positive parenting techniques that bring families together

Co-parenting is one of life’s most challenging situations for some.  I want it my way, you want it your way, we both think that our way is the BEST way – if not the only way!  But where does that leave your children?  Confused, unhappy and unsure of themselves.

Becoming a great team is not something that happens overnight.  Ask any professional ball player.  Building a team takes work and a commitment to excellence.  Come to this workshop ready to play and I will coach you through the rough waters and put you on the right track to parenting teamwork.

If you are a single parent or are co-parenting with a person who does not live in your home, this workshop can be particularly effective for your family to get each parent on the same page so that your children have consistent parenting.

This is a three-hour workshop. To schedule Shelly Walker for this workshop, email



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