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The Family Values Workshop

Defining and Using Your Family’s Values to Raise Empowered, Healthy Children and Create a Peaceful and Loving Family Environment

In the Family Values Workshop we will

  • Define your Personal and Familial Values
  • Learn how to use your values as an every day tool to build harmony and cooperation
  • Include your children in defining your family’s values
  • Create a poster with your family’s values to take home
  • Learn how to use your poster as a daily teaching tool and discipline guide

This workshop was designed to offer families a tool for defining and strengthening their core values.  Picture yours as a family where there are few arguments; where children and parents are empowered to help each other learn how to live up to their highest possibilities; where conflict truly does become opportunity for growth; where children are invested in co-creating a peaceful, joyful, loving environment.  The Family Values Workshop will help give you every tool you need to make this dream family your reality.

In this workshop, the entire family works together to create your unique set of family values and parents learn how to use their unique family value set to create joyful cooperation, familial balance and a solid family core.  By allowing your children the opportunity to be in on this process, you are automatically enrolling their cooperation and support for your values.  Here is a real-life example of how using your family values turns conflict into cooperation:

Child: “I really want to buy that video game!  It’s not fair that you won’t let me buy it with my own money!”
Parent: “That game is violent and violence is not one of our family values.”

Period.  That was it.  There was no whining, no arguing, no conflict.  There was no power struggle and my son was not made to feel “wrong.”  He immediately let the issue go.  This is one simple benefit of using family values – and there are many!  No matter how young your children are, it’s never too early to begin using this technique.  If your children are too young to help create your family’s value set, you will be able to create them as a parent team and you will have the advantage of already knowing how to work with this system as your children mature.  You can always go back later and have your children add to your value set.

And no matter how old your children are, it’s never too late!  Do you want to end teenage outbursts?  Bring your teens to this workshop and let them in on the process.  Allowing them to co-create your family value set turns this process into a conscious agreement – and they will not be able to argue with boundaries that they helped create for themselves.

If you are a single parent or are co-parenting with a person who does not live in your home, this workshop can be particularly effective for your family to get each parent on the same page so that your children have consistent parenting.

This workshop is for parents and for their children between the ages of 3 and 18. 

Example Timeline:
12 noon – 1:15 pm: Session I: Parents’ Workshop – Setting the Groundwork (childcare to be provided)
1:30 – 2 pm: Session II: Family workshop for Parents and children over the age of 3 – The Family Values Poster Project (childcare to be provided for children under the age of 3)

Session I – Parents’ Workshop

In this session we will:

  • Learn what values are and how we learn them
  • Define each person’s values
  • Based on each parent’s values, couples will define their family’s values
  • Learn how to use the family values to create joyful cooperation, harmony and a solid family core

Session II – Family Workshop

  • Teach the children the basics of what values are
  • Allow each child to add one or two values to the family list
  • Create a Family Values poster so each family will have it to refer to

This powerful workshop is changing lives. This workshop works best with a group size of 5 to 20 families. To schedule Shelly Walker for this workshop, email



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